Gator Skins All Weather Brown 4X8 Sheet

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Composite panels used to surface wooden skateboard ramps are nothing new.
The basic formula has been in existence for over two decades; layers of paper are saturated with phenolic resin then pressed and cured. With Gator Skins, we’ve simply taken a proven product, applied superior chemistry and achieved a much higher level of performance. Our panels are formulated to provide a near perfect interaction with urethane wheels. Gator Skins grip when you need – and slide when you want, creating a control factor on tricks like reverts that is unlike any other surface you’ve ever ridden. Our resin produced in-house is the secret sauce that sets Gator Skins apart. We are able to customize it to exact specifications, which results in the optimum density, hardness, flexibility, and level of grip. These are the factors that determine not only the durability of the product but the quality of the ride.

CJ's SKATEPARK uses Gator Skins throughout the park.