Havoc Scooter Descendant

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Personally designed by Havoc’s Dejion Taylorthe Havoc Descendant Pro scooter is by far one of the best complete scooters on the market. Focused on top quality, and optimum performance, this scooter makes the perfect ride for those looking step up their game in the scooter industry, while still being very affordable. Totally customizable,so it will grow with the rider and their abilities. Comes with the Havoc T-bars, HIC compression, 110mm full core wheels, Aluminium Flex brake, New design CNC 2 double clamp.

Bars: 26” 23” (660mm 584mm)

Deck: 9.6” 4.5” (533mm x127mm)

Brake: Havoc Aluminium Flex Brake

Fork: Havoc Heat treated Aluminium Fork

Headset: Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset

Compression: HavocHIC

Clamp:Havoc New design CNC Double Clamp

Wheels:Havoc 110mm 85-88Pu High rebound

Grips:Havoc Grips

Total Weight:8.80Lbs (3.99Kg)