North Campus - T Bar

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The Campus SCS is a pro scooter bar from North that is made from a very strong chromoly 4130 tubing. It will not bend or break easily, so you can concentrate fully on your tricks. Feel free to perform all the no-handers you want with this T-shaped bar. If you want to improve your skills and perform difficult tricks with your scooter, this bar from North is a good choice.

This bar is compatible with the SCS compression system
Ready for SCS with no need for modifications
Remember to choose a bar that has the height and width that you prefer to ride
*Note: The "RAW" colorway may include some rust hairline marks, as this is Raw Metal without paint or any type of coating. You can stay assured that the hairline does not affect the strength or quality or performance of the product.

24" W x 28" H
Weight: 5lbs 3.80oz